About Me

I'm a massage therapist by day and a writer by night/days off/lunch breaks/breaks between clients/any minute I can grab/etc. I'm currently querying my first novel, a literary fiction with some magical/fantastical elements, tentatively titled Cloudland, and Other Stories, and am working on developing my second novel. I've written numerous plays that have been produced at minuscule theatres in the New York International Fringe Festival, and at slightly (but not much) larger venues like the HERE Arts Center, which, all self-deprecating joking aside, is a truly amazing space that does a great deal to support emerging artists.

I have a super-duper practical degree in Performing Arts from Emerson College that I wouldn't trade for any more useful degree in the world; my college experience is in large, intricate, complex, and unforeseen ways the foundation of who I am today. I took enough writing classes there to have a minor in writing, but since I was 18 years old and absolutely convinced that acting was my true calling in life, I didn't think to declare an official minor (if I made a list of the things I didn't think to do when I was 18, I would have enough blog content for the next 5 years.)

I live in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston, MA with my wife. You can also find me on Twitter.