Wednesday, September 9, 2015

And Scene

As many of you have probably guessed from my total radio silence these past few weeks...


The babies were born on August 20th - yes, that's right, exactly one day after I posted about how weird it was to be a not-parent-parent, stuck in the in-between stage.

These babies have an exquisite sense of timing. (Oh, and we had a boy and a girl, for those keeping score.)

At any rate, this means I am officially on an extended hiatus from social media. I wish I could give you all a date when that hiatus will end, but the truth is that I'm so sleep-deprived and newborn-crazed that I bounce between thinking I should blog about this right now! and I'll never be able to blog again!

So, for now, we'll just say it's a hiatus of indeterminate length. I apologize that I won't likely return your visits for a while, and I know I'll be kicked off of the IWSG list soon, but I'll be back eventually, and will look forward to catching up with you then.

Off to tend to Twindom...

And, scene.